Castel Sant’Antonio

It is not a famous historic building, nevertheless worth mentioning. Castel Sant’Antonio is located at the beginning (or end) of the Bolzano promenades.

The residential tower of Castel Sant’Antonio, originally called Karnol, dates back to the 13th century. It has been built at the junction of Bolzano - Val Sarentino and San Genesio - Gries/San Maurizio. Once upon a time at this place there was a bridge across the Talvera, the river coming from Val Sarentino.
The castle complex of Castel Sant’Antonio has been repeatedly enlarged in the 14th to 16th century. Part of the complex is a chapel, the little Sant’Antonio church and several residential wings. Under the rule of the lords of Schidmanns , in 1900 the castle has been given its final appearance. A circular wall with embrasures, crenels, a second tower and a square pavilion were added. Today the castle strikes due to its original appearance.

Only later on the castle was named after its owners of those days. The district of Bolzano in which Castel Sant’Antonio is located has been named after a church that belongs to the castle. It is one of the ancient and rather green parts of the city. This is where two great promenades start: the Talvera and San Osvaldo promenade, perfect for a pleasant hike. Today Castel Sant’Antonio is in possession of the Aufschnaiter family and is also inhabited by its tenants.

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