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Everybody knows the Christmas market of Bolzano, but did you know that there are actually numerous more markets taking place in the surrounding hamlets and villages? There you go:

in Terlano: Mondays
in Appiano: Mondays in S. Paolo, Tuesdays in S. Michele and Thursdays in Cornaiano
in Caldaro: Wednesdays in the north of Caldaro, Via delle Cantine
in Termeno: every 2nd Tuesday of the month from March until December, Piazza Municipio
in Ora: Fridays
in Egna: Tuesdays and Fridays (food and farmers’ market)
in Laghetti di Egna: Saturdays
in Salorno: Wednesdays

And by the way: Flea markets are organised every 3rd Saturday of the month in Egna (near to Termeno, Magré) and every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month in Bolzano (except July and August)!

At Bolzano farmers’ markets take place from April to December
- on Tuesdays at Piazza Marcella Casagrande and Piazza Mazzini
- on Fridays at Piazza Municipio, at Piazza Don Bosco and in Via Claudia Augusta
- on Saturdays at Piazza Matteotti

Moreover, there are also some special markets:

on April 25: St Marcus Market in Ora
on March 19 or the following Sunday: St Joseph Market in Salorno
on June 29 and December 6: in Egna
on November 10: big St Martin Market in Cornaiano/Appiano
on November 10: St Martin Market in Cortina all’Adige
on November 24 and February 14: St Catherine Market in Termeno
on November 25: in Salorno
on December 6: in the centre of Caldaro

If those days are holidays, the markets will take place the day before or after - except the St Marcus Market in Ora and the St Joseph Market in Salorno!

And not to forget: All the Christmas Markets in South Tyrol´s Towns!!

So what are you waiting for: let’s head off to South Tyrol’s markets!

Farmer's market in Bolzano

from 01/07/2017 to 12/29/2018, 104 occurrences

Farmers' market in Caldaro

from 11/07/2017 to 11/06/2018, 35 occurrences

St. Martin's Market

from 11/11/2017 to 11/10/2018, 2 occurrences

Weekly market in Laives

from 11/16/2017 to 09/27/2018, 46 occurrences

Saturday Market at Bolzano

from 11/18/2017 to 12/29/2018, 59 occurrences

Weekly Market at Terlano

from 01/15/2018 to 12/31/2018, 49 occurrences

Weekly market in Egna

from 01/16/2018 to 12/18/2018, 47 occurrences

Weekly market in Ora

from 01/17/2018 to 12/19/2018, 47 occurrences

Weekly market in Salorno

from 01/17/2018 to 12/19/2018, 47 occurrences

Flea market in Caldaro

from 02/25/2018 to 10/14/2018, 6 occurrences

Weekly market in San Paolo

from 04/02/2018 to 10/29/2018, 31 occurrences

Weekly market in Cornaiano

from 04/05/2018 to 10/25/2018, 30 occurrences

Farmers' market - Don Bosco

from 04/06/2018 to 12/28/2018, 38 occurrences

Weekly market in Caldaro

from 04/11/2018 to 10/31/2018, 30 occurrences

Farmer’s market in Laives

from 05/19/2018 to 11/24/2018, 28 occurrences

Market in Laives

from 05/27/2018 to 10/07/2018, 2 occurrences

Long Shopping Wednesday in S.Michele

from 07/04/2018 to 08/29/2018, 9 occurrences

Long Thursday in Caldaro

from 07/05/2018 to 08/30/2018, 9 occurrences

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