Dog-friendly holidays

A holiday along the South Tyrolean Wine Route with your dog? Welcome! An awesome landscape and countless wonderful moments are waiting for you.

Villages embedded into orchards and vineyards, and paths leading through meadows and woods. This is the South Tyrolean Wine Route. Not only two-leggeds enjoy this natural landscape, but also their four-legged friends.

The following addresses could be helpful during your holidays:

Dog hotel:
Dog Residence Neuhauser
SP 11, Terlano
Tel.: 344 2559659

Pet supplies:
Shopping center Twenty
Via G. Galilei 20, Bolzano
Tel. 0471 056050

The following link leads you to the South Tyrolean vets, where you can do a customised research in Italian and German language: Vets.

  1. Hiking with Dogs

    Hiking with Dogs

    Hiking together with your dog makes double fun.
  2. Rules and Regulations for Dog Owners

    Rules and Regulations for Dog Owners

    In case to be able to spend relaxing holidays with your dog, please observe the…