The historical centre of Montagna is found on a mountain slope above the villages Ora and Egna.

Montagna is a quaint little place with numerous tiny hamlets, ranging from 400 - 1,000 m asl, such as Casignano, Gleno, Pinzano, Fontanefredde and Doladizza. Hikers and lovers of nature will love this place, as numerous paths and trails are winding throughout the area. A true paradise for hikers and biker alike! In the surroundings of Pinzano, Montagna and Gleno, there are some of the best vineyards of South Tyrol, and this is also where the Pinot Nero wine grows. The area of Doladizza, however, located a little higher, is the transition zone from fruit-growing to mountain farming.

The location of Montagna is on the one hand strategic, stretching close to the Dolomite road, on the other hand it is characterised by nature, as great parts of this area belongs to the Monte Corno Nature Park and the Castelfeder biotope. Centuries ago, the Val di Fiemme train ran up the slopes in this area, while today this trail is a popular mountain biking and hiking trail.

The history of Montagna left many testimonies of time in the village, from ancient residences and farms to the Roman Castelfeder and the beautiful Enn castle, the ensemble of Pinzano, wine and nature that today present the highlights of Montagna on the South Tyrolean Wine Road.

  1. Montagna village

    Montagna village

    The village of Montagna, protected by Castle d’Enna, is the seat of the municipality.
  2. Pinzano


    Surrounded by vineyards, Pinzano is a very charming hamlet near Montagna.
  3. Gleno


    The village of Gleno is located at the fertile south-west slopes of the Cislon mountain.
  4. Doladizza


    The farms of Doladizza are located at an altitude of 700 m asl in an area in which…
  5. Casignano


    The hamlet of Casignano is made up of a few mountain farms as well as a Capuchin…

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