RS eppan schloss englar herbst
RS eppan schloss englar herbst


Some 800 castles and mansions are spread all over South Tyrol, most of them rise in the Appiano Castle Region on the Wine Road.

The area featuring the most castles in Europe is located around Appiano near the main town of South Tyrol: Venerable residences can be found in the village centres, and majestic castles rise on the hills in the surroundings. Between the Swan Castle in Nalles and the southernmost castle of the German speaking area - the one high above Salorno - there is much to discover.

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  1. Castelvecchio Castle
    RS st pauls eppan mit schloss warth und marienberg

    Castelvecchio Castle

    Castelvecchio, the ruin of a hill castle near San Paolo in Appiano, is located…
  2. Castelvetere Castle
    RS castelfeder herbst

    Castelvetere Castle

    We already know Castelfeder as a rather mystical place. The ruin has got the same…
  3. Castelforte Castle
    RS andrian gaid festenstein

    Castelforte Castle

    Castelforte Castle, a rather small building, rises high above the Val d’Adige. Some…
  4. Grifo Castle (Pork Castle)
    RS terlan siebeneich greifenstein sauschloss

    Grifo Castle (Pork Castle)

    The Grifo Castle, located above Settequerce near Terlano at 751 m asl, has led a…
  5. Appiano Castle
    RS Dreiburgenwanderung Hocheppan P

    Appiano Castle

    It is located above Missiano at Appiano and has been well preserved. For hikers and…
  6. Casaccia Castle (Pfeffersburg Castle)
    RS nals blick auf ruine kasatsch pfeffersberg

    Casaccia Castle (Pfeffersburg Castle)

    The ruin of Casaccia is located above the Casaccia-Pfeffersburg tavern in…
  7. Montani Castle
    Eppan Ansitz Montan

    Montani Castle

    The medieval complex of Montani Castle from the 13th century, also called Montan…
  8. Casanova Castle (Maultasch Castle)
    RS terlan burg ruine schloss neuhaus maultasch

    Casanova Castle (Maultasch Castle)

    Originally Neuhaus Castle Ruin was called Maultasch Castle, named after the Duchess…
  9. Bavaro Castle
    RS burg payersberg

    Bavaro Castle

    High above the gorge of the Sirmiano river, there are the ruins of Castel Payersberg.
  10. Tordilupo Castle
    RS andrian schloss wolfsthurn

    Tordilupo Castle

    The Lords of Andriano had the little castle complex of Castel Wolfsthurn built on a…
  11. Salorno Castle
    RS Schloss Salurn

    Salorno Castle

    Castello di Salorno, also called Haderburg, is located at Salorno, at the “border”…
  12. Flavon Castle
    RS bozen haslach haselburg

    Flavon Castle

    High above Bolzano this castle complex surveys Bolzano and surroundings. The…
  13. Kreideturm (Chalk Tower)
    RS kreideturm bei hocheppan

    Kreideturm (Chalk Tower)

    The fortified tower of Appiano Castle - with a footprint of 5.5 x 6 metres - rises…
  14. Varco Castle
    RS castelvarco laimburg

    Varco Castle

    Castel Laimburg was name-giving for the vine-growing and fruit-growing company, the…
  15. Castelchiaro Castle
    RS leuchtenburg rosszaehne kaltern kalterersee

    Castelchiaro Castle

    This ruin characterises the landscape surrounding lake Caldaro.
  16. Aichberg Castle
    RS Aichberg Schloss Eppan

    Aichberg Castle

    Aichberg residence is located on the road to Appiano/Monte above San Michele.
  17. Ora Castle
    RS schloss auer

    Ora Castle

    The Fioreschy residence in the Oltradige has one upon a time been called Ora Castle.
  18. Boymont Castle
    RS eppan schloss boymont von missian aus

    Boymont Castle

    Castel Boymont is located in the heart of a forest. It is one of the three castles…
  19. Campan Castle
    RS Castel Campan Kaltern RD P

    Campan Castle

    Surrounded by an attractive park in the locality of Villa di Mezzo, Castel Campan…
  20. Englar Castle
    RS eppan schloss englar weingarten herbst

    Englar Castle

    The Gothic castle above San Michele of Appiano is a real fairytale-castle.
  21. Enna Castle
    RS montan mit schloss enn

    Enna Castle

    Above Montagna, there is Castel d’Enna, towering into the sky.
  22. Lodrone Castle
    RS Schloss Freudenstein Eppan

    Lodrone Castle

    On a gentle hill above San Michele Appiano there’s Lodrone Castle, or Freudenstein…
  23. Ganda Castle
    RS Eppan Herbst Schloss Gandegg

    Ganda Castle

    A wonderful ambience for cultural events is located in the quarter of Pigano in…
  24. Caldiff Castle
    RS neumarkt ortsteil mazon schloss burg ruine kaldiff caldiff

    Caldiff Castle

    It is located on a 354 m high Dolomite rock. The castle ruin Kaldiff, or Caldiff,…
  25. St. Anthony Castle
    RS schloss klebenstein st anton bozen dahinter st peter karnol herbst

    St. Anthony Castle

    It is not a famous historic building, nevertheless worth mentioning. Castel…
  26. Corba Castle
    RS Eppan Herbst Schloss Korb

    Corba Castle

    Castel Corba is located at Missiano is well-preserved and still inhabited.
  27. Mareccio Castle
    RS schloss maretsch bozen castel mareccio

    Mareccio Castle

    In the centre of Bolzano and nevertheless in the green there is the famous Mareccio…
  28. Palù Castle
    RS eppan schloss moos schulthaus

    Palù Castle

    The complex of Palù Castle and the Schulthaus Residence in Appiano houses the…
  29. Paschbach Castle
    RS Schloss Paschbach P

    Paschbach Castle

    Castel Paschbach is located above S. Michele and has once upon a time been domicile…
  30. Rafenstein Castle
    RS jenesien burg ruine rafenstein herbst

    Rafenstein Castle

    The ruin of Rafenstein is located in the north west of Bolzano along a former…
  31. Rechtenthal Castle
    RS tramin schlossrechtental rechtenthal weinberge

    Rechtenthal Castle

    Rechtenthal castle is in view coming from Caldaro, right above the the beginning of…
  32. Roncolo Castle
    RS schloss runkelstein bozen

    Roncolo Castle

    Castel Roncolo is located high above Bolzano in a graceful position in a pophyry…
  33. Sallegg Castle
    RS Schloss Sallegg Innenhof Kaltern RD P

    Sallegg Castle

    At Villa di Mezzo, also in the middle of Caldaro, there is a beautiful castle…
  34. Firmiano Castle
    RS schloss sigmundskron bluete akazie robinie mai fruehling

    Firmiano Castle

    Castel Firmiano is THE castle of South Tyrol: this is also where the first pass…
  35. St. Valentine Castle
    RS burg ansitz stvalentin eppan

    St. Valentine Castle

    St. Valentine Castle, also known as St. Valentine Residence, is located in idyllic…
  36. Turmhof Castle
    RS kurtatsch entiklar schlosskellerei turmhof besucher

    Turmhof Castle

    Castel Turmhof-Tiefenbrunner is located at Niclara in the municipality of Cortaccia…
  37. Guardia Castle
    RS st pauls warth

    Guardia Castle

    If you drive from the Wine Road towards Bolzano, you can see Castel Guardia on your…
  38. Swan Castle
    RS nals schwanburg

    Swan Castle

    The Schwanburg is one of the main sights of the municipality of Nalles and is…
  39. Lake Castle
    RS seeschloessl montiggl

    Lake Castle

    The “Seeschlössl” on the western shore of the Big Monticolo Lake reminds of an…
  40. Stachelburg Castle
    RS stachelburg keller nals

    Stachelburg Castle

    Stachelburg Castle is inhabited and hosts a cellar in which you can enjoy various…
  41. Residences in Bolzano
    RS historischer ansitz bozen rentsch

    Residences in Bolzano

    Many residences have been preserved also in the main town of the province, Bolzano…
  42. Residences in Appiano
    RS blick auf ansitz kreithof eppan

    Residences in Appiano

    Besides many castles and mansions, the component localities of Appiano feature also…
  43. Residences in Caldaro
    RS kaltern ansitz tonvin

    Residences in Caldaro

    Between San Giuseppe al Lago and Pianizza di Sopra there are residences with…
  44. Residences in Termeno
    RS tramin ansitz langenmantel

    Residences in Termeno

    The wine village of Termeno features 46 listed buildings - among them there are…
  45. Further residences on the Wine Road
    RS kurtatsch schloss ansitz ortenburg

    Further residences on the Wine Road

    Many historical buildings and venerable residences on the Wine Road tell the long…

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