S. Michele

San Michele is the main locality of Appiano and is located in central position at an altitude of 411 m asl.

San Michele, the main village of the market town, is seat of the townhall of Appiano. Also the cutural centre as well as the so-called Lanserhaus, the centre for cultural happenings, are located in San Michele. A shopping tour in this village is highly recommendable, as there are shops for any demands. The majority of citizens of Appiano live in this village.

What also makes this area in the Oltradige an attractive zone is its vicinity to the capital Bolzano. Charming villages, historic buildings, much culture and an impressive natural landscape characterise the village and surroundings and make your leisure activities a unique experience. Also the small villages of Maderneto, Crovecia, Ganda di Sotto, Ganda di Sopra, Piganò and Appiano Monte, belong to S. Michele and have all an own identity. Every week on Tuesdays, a market covers the parking space in front of the parish church of S. Michele. This is where farmers offer their fresh products for purchasing.

The ice stadium of S. Michele is used for festivals in summer, in winter it is an alternative to the frozen lakes (Lake Caldaro and Lake Monticolo) in the close surroundings.

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