Mountain biking and cycling

You have lots of energy to spend and would like to promote your physical fitness?

Or you wouldn’t mind a relaxing bike tour discovering a stunning natural scenery? Then the South Tyrolean Wine Route is the place for you.

Get to know this beautiful area and cycle across the hamlet of Monticolo, known as a true paradise for mountain bikers, to the Mendola Plateau above Caldaro, pass by Favogna close to Cortaccia or throughout the lowlands surrounding Magrè, Cortina all’Adige and Salorno - the number of opportunities is simply huge. Below you will find several tours that might help you with this ample choice. Have fun while discovering South Tyrol by bike!

  1. Cycling across the Bassa Atesina region

    Cycling across the Bassa Atesina region

    A bike tour for the whole family that might be done in spring, summer and autumn.…
  2. Discovering Oltradige-Bassa Atesina by bike

    Discovering Oltradige-Bassa Atesina by bike

    This bike tour is another easy and impressive tour across Bassa Atesina.
  3. Bike tour to Favogna

    Bike tour to Favogna

    Steep and winding mountain trails are waiting for you on the way to Favogna, 1000…
  4. Cycling around the two Monticolo lakes

    Cycling around the two Monticolo lakes

    This is an easy bike tour that doesn’t ask too much of physical fitness.

Cycling Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Elefant:

    from 03/23/18 to 11/12/18
    3 nights from 205 € per person

Suggested accommodations

  1. Residence Traminer Klause

    Residence Traminer Klause

  2. Hotel Traubenheim

    Hotel Traubenheim

  3. Hotel Elefant

    Hotel Elefant

  4. Hotel Gantkofel

    Hotel Gantkofel

  5. Gasthof Hotel Terzer

    Gasthof Hotel Terzer

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