Castel del Grifo

The Grifo Castle, located above Settequerce near Terlano at 751 m asl, has led a particularly interesting past.

High above Settequerce, a locality belonging to Terlano, the ruins of Castello del Grifo tower into the sky. Actually the territory belongs to the municipality of San Genesio, but is also easily reachable from Terlano. The ruins of Castello del Grifo (vulg. also called Castello del Porco, which means “Pork Castle”) are located at the top of a rock spur, a steep rock at the edge of the Tschoeggelberg mountain. Despite of the fact that you cannot see the ruins from below, the castle complex boasts considerable dimensions, including a fore-fortress meant to protect the main building. In 1158 Castello del Grifo has been mentioned for the first time. In the second half of the 13th century the castle complex was destroyed. When the last member of the family, Friedrich von Greifenstein, died, the Lords of Starkenberg came to own the castle.

Finally the history of the castle in a nutshell: in 1423 Friedrich with the Empty Pocket was besieging the castle for several weeks. One of the besieged residents was the minstrel Oswald von Wolkenstein, who composed a song about these happenings, in which he scoffed at the assailants. This was when the men threw a pork at the feet of the assailants in order to demonstrate abundance and prosperity. They succeeded with their plan and the assailants withdrew. Nobody knew that in fact this pork was the last food storage of the residents.

Several hiking and walking paths go past this castle characterised by its particular past.

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