Castel Corba

Castel Corba is located at Missiano is well-preserved and still inhabited.

Castel Corba is one of the most respectable castles of Appiano. The residential tower dominating the building was constructed in 1236 in the time of the Romantic period by the Lords of Corba. They are descended from a house of ministry officials serving the Lords of Appiano. They passed this construction to different noble families in the surroundings as a feud.

In 1834 Mr. Johann von Putzer enlarged the castle and added a castle chapel and several other elements, decorated with romantic merlons. In 1877 the castle complex was sold to the Tessmann family. The purchaser’s son was a notable history researcher of Tyrol and he passed his complete collection of documents to South Tyrol. Today these documents are visible in the Provincial Library of Bolzano, which also bears his name.

In 1918 the Dellago family took over Castel Corba and established a hotel, an agricultural business, a restaurant and a castle cellar, harmonically integrated into the historic complex. Once upon a time Castel Corba was a typical small castle. Castle romanticism of these days is for instance recognisable at the decorations. Arched windows, round separation pillars, a decorated capital and a blind arch as well as stone round arched doors are the most striking elements. By the way, the beautiful Corba Castle can be reached in the pleasant „Three Castle Walk“. History, movement and pleasure, that’s what the visit of Castel Corba, Castel Boymont and Castel d’Appiano is all about.

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