High rope course Caldaro

In S. Antonio Caldaro there is the climbing area “Walderlebnis Abenteuerpark” that meets all demands.

It is called “Walderlebnis Abenteuerpark” and is located at the right edge of the forest of Castelvecchio in the sports area of S. Antonio in Caldaro. In winter 2007/08 different courses were built, which are connected to each other in a wondrous way.

The high rope courses include 200 elements. The platforms are fixed at beeches, spurces and larchs. Moreover 23 courses and 33 flying fox slides, among them the Bambi Parcour for little children (3 years) with Bambifox and different courses for older children provide fun and action in the high rope course. Furthermore there are bridge elements in form of nets, trunks, arbours and funiculars, featuring a length of 3 to 60 metres… a real challenge for climbers.

When the high rope course was planned, the focus has been put on a harmonic integration of the climbing modules into nature. The health of the trees is of utmost importance. What makes the adventure park even more varied is the mixed forest, in which the adventure park is set. However, the combination of adventure and forest succeeded!

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