Castel Campan

Surrounded by an attractive park in the locality of Villa di Mezzo, Castel Campan represents a nest in which you simply feel comfortable.

In 1268 Castel Campan has been constructed by the Concius von Campan. His family lived in the castle until 1499. His grandson Heinrich even been entrusted with a very important commission in the locality of Caldaro, in other words he administered the village.

In 1499 the noble family of Campan died out and for this reason the families Weinegg and Sall acquired the castle. In 1582 the Morenberg family inhabited the noble building. They complete Castel Campan with the Renaissance wing, which was enlarged by the Thun family later on. Since 1698 the Earls of Tannenberg owned the castle and since 1847 the Counts of Enzenberg live in Castel Campan. Due to its position in the heart of a vinegrowing area they specialised in the production of noble wines.

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