Ruin Castelfeder

We already know Castelfeder as a rather mystical place. The ruin has got the same name. However, only remains of the original building are left.

We are now standing above Ora: at the top of a hill, which is included into the biotope of Castelfeder, there is the upper castle of a huge castle complex. It is a prehistoric, Roman and early mediaeval settlement and is located on a porphyry hill which was strategically interested for commercial and control purposes.

Around 500 a wall, a so called Byzantine fortress, which was aimed at protecting against Teutons. This wall includes a wide area and is in great parts still replicable. Towards south you can still see remains of the wall.

Probably the interior of the forest was in great parts made of wood. Only the Barbara chapel, dating back to the 6th century and was first dedicated to St. Laurentius and S. Vigilius, has demonstrably been built of stone. The first version of the castle complex has been quite sure destroyed by a fire. And this was probably also the reason for the fact that in the 7th, 9th and 10th century the castle remained uninhabited. In the times of Carolingians, life in the upper castle seemed to be rearranged. Ruinous parts of Castelfeder were rebuilt.

Also the so called „Langobards’ tower“ in the western part is attributable to this era. Findings such as a disc brooch date back to this second residential period at Castelfeder Castle.

Moreover the outlines of more than 160 buildings can be noticed, the origins of which have not yet been determined. However, the animated period of the castle seems to go back to the 12th century.
Today Castelfeder as well as the eponymous biotope are popular excursion destinations.

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