Castel Laimburg

Castel Laimburg was name-giving for the vine-growing and fruit-growing company, the school and the Research Centre in Vadena.

The ruin of the Laimburg is located in an elevated position in the forest at the altitude of the Kreithersattel at the Monte di Mezzo. Around 1230 the castle was constructed by the Lords of Laimburg and was, for a short period of time, also the seat of the court for the municipality of Caldaro. In the 17th century the castle has already been deteriorated.

From 1998 to 2001 the Laimburg was renovated and thus consolidated. It is now also available for cultural events. Also can a visit of this historical walls be combined with a pleasant walk.

The name Laimburg, however, hardly refers to the ruin today. The term Laimburg most often denominates the professional school for gardeners and agriculture and the respective Research Centre.

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