Alpine City of the Year 2009

On June 9, 2008 the title “Alpine City of the Year 2009″ has been conferred to Bolzano for sustainable development.

Bolzano is not simply a city, but a city that is located in the heart of the Alps, a natural phenomenon that has to be protected in a sustainable way.
The association “Alpine City of the Year”, which confers the homonymous title, is aimed at promoting the sustainable interaction of culture and nature, economy and ecology.

“Sustainable management of the future”, that’s the slogan of the initiative. Moreover great importance is attached to the connection with other cities and regions.

If a city “refines itself”, it aims at promoting different initiatives both for inhabitants and tourists. Of course the government of South Tyrol provides for clean air, promotes and maintains cultural peculiarities and the diversity of inhabitants, protects the soil and supports sustainable spatial planning. In the fields of waste management, envitonmental-freindly energy generation, hydrologic balance, the alpine convention sets clear objectives. According to the commitment and goal oriented work of a city, a jury decides if it deserves the title “Alpine City of the Year”.

Bolzano has convinced the jury by its initiatives and has for this reason the title “Alpine City of the Year” has been awarded to the city.

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