Historical places

The provincial capital of South Tyrol has got many monuments and interesting places to offer. The central alleys in Bolzano have got much to tell.

The history of Bolzano is varied and, let’s say, intense. The centre of the city and the close surroundings have got much to tell about good and bad times. Interesting information is provided in this section!

  1. Historic centre

    Historic centre

    The first settlement in this rather fenny valley basin was formed near to the place…
  2. Piazza Walther

    Piazza Walther

    Walther von der Vogelweide - a monument for the popular minne singer is located on…
  3. Piazza Vittoria

    Piazza Vittoria

    The Piazza Vittoria is located close to the city centre. A monument decorates this Piazza.
  4. Piazza delle Erbe & Co

    Piazza delle Erbe & Co

    A range of little historical places characterises the city of Bolzano.
  5. Churches in Bolzano

    Churches in Bolzano

    There are many churches in Bolzano, decorated with valuable pieces of art from the past.