The Angels of Bolzano

Ceramic figures from Bolzano are very famous… about Bolzano and its celestial beings.

The little ceramic figures from Bolzano are famous all over the world. The “Original Angel of Bolzano” is often copied today. The unique form and special charm of the Bolzano Angel, however, only comes from the capital of South Tyrol. Its rounded shape, subdued colours and the likeable expression of the little face captivate many viewers.

The Angels of Bolzano and many other figures are made today as from the very beginning in the company Thun in Bolzano from high-quality ceramics and in affectionate manual work. In the beginning it was the angel and now the assortment consists of more than 3,000 different products in the typical likeable (Thun-) style such as the classical crib, the sympathetic animals from the farm and many more.

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