Medieval shopping arcades

Where people love to meet to have a chat or go shopping with friends.

Bolzano boasts a just beautiful shopping promenade, where you won’t find neither cars nor vans and romantic medieval arcades promise a special kind of experience.

Called “Lauben” in German and “Portici” in Italian, the medieval shopping arcades are a popular meeting point not only for those living in Bolzano. From near and far in South Tyrol people come to Bolzano to meet friends, do some shopping or simply stroll around the city. Beautiful shops, traditional cafes and elegant restaurants as well as ancient buildings, narrow winding alleys and lots of golden shining sun beams combine to create an oh-so special Mediterranean flair.

Every year on August 10, Bolzano celebrates a special night, the so-called “Notte di San Lorenzo” (the Night of St Laurence). According to Italian folklore, this is the night when dreams come true as numerous shooting stars tend to appear this night and, well, I guess everybody knows the saying about wishing on a shooting star… In Bolzano, all kinds of wines are served on August 10, along with tasty sweets and a nice atmosphere. A great way to explore the medieval shopping arcades of Bolzano I would say.

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