Pinot Nero Days

Every year in Egna and Montagna different types of the smooth Pinot Nero are tasted.

Egna and Montagna are both lovely villages located in the east of the South Tyrolean Wine Road. In spring these villages are venue for the South Tyrolean Pinot Nero Days. This event involves a national Pinot Nero competition on a very high level, which every year enriches the world of wines in South Tyrol in a sustainable way. Ora and Montagna but above all the area of Mazzon, are considered the best places in this area to grow the Pinot Nero grapes due to favourable soil and climate conditions. However, the result is a smooth wine which is able to compete on an international level.

Aready a good while before the Pinot Nero Days start, international authorities assess wines that have been registered for the competition. On the days open for the public, which usually take place in May, there are also a number of informative events, organised in cooperation with inhabitants. The programme, however, includes public tastings, vertical tastings, tasting presentations as well as a huge Pinot Grigio Festival in the historic district of Egna.

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