Wine tasting

A traditional wine tasting is a must for everyone visiting the South Tyrolean Wine Route!

Guided tours to wineries and wine cellars followed by a true South Tyrolean wine tasting are offered on a regular basis. I’m sure your host loves telling you the respective dates and details!

Or you may go for a good glass of home-grown wine as numerous hosts are passionate fruit or wine-growers…

By the way: An insiders’ tip are the Caldaro Wine Days taking place in September every year! Where? Well, as the name says it: in Caldaro!

Obviously there are numerous other occasions to celebrate and taste the lovely South Tyrolean wines, such as the Bassa Atesina Wine Tasting Week in Ora, the International Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir) Festival in Egna or the “Gewürztraminer on the Castle” Wine Tasting in Termeno.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Gasthof Hotel Terzer

    Gasthof Hotel Terzer

  2. Valtlhof


  3. Hotel Matscher

    Hotel Matscher

  4. Bio Christinhof

    Bio Christinhof

  5. Schloss Hotel Korb

    Schloss Hotel Korb

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