RS Lagrein Kurzstiel K Session three
RS Lagrein Kurzstiel K Session three

Wines and grape varieties

The South Tyrolean Wine Road and the Val d’Isarco offer perfect conditions for various grape varieties.

The characteristics of wine grapes and the flavours and aromas of the produced wines differ from region to region. Moreover, high-quality grapes can be used for interesting wine blends. In fact, wine productions from a mixture of several grape varieties are a big challenge for every ambitious wine producer.

The South Tyrolean Wine Road offers perfect conditions for many, but not for every grape variety. In fact, mainly some white wine grape varieties are preferably grown in the Val d’Adige, the second important wine cultivation region in South Tyrol. Moreover, various wine grapes are grown in the regions Oltradige and Bassa Atesina and there are also some vineyards in the Val Venosta.

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  1. Chardonnay
    RS C Chardonnay


    Chardonnay is one of the most famous white wines in the world and a very popular aperitif.
  2. Gewürztraminer
    RS Gewuerztraminer Session three


    Gewürztraminer is one of the autochthonous wine grape varieties grown in the South…
  3. Yellow Muscat
    RS Muscadelle Session three

    Yellow Muscat

    Goldmuskateller (Moscato giallo) is an autochthonous Italian wine grape variety…
  4. Kerner
    RS Kerner


    Kerner is a cross of Trollinger and Riesling and is produced on a low scale on the…
  5. Müller-Thurgau
    RS Mueller Thurgau


    Müller Thurgau is one of the most popular white wines produced on the South…
  6. Riesling
    RS Riesling


    In South Tyrol, Riesling is grown mainly in the Val d’Isarco, the Val Venosta, the…
  7. Sauvignon blanc
    RS C Sauvignon blanc

    Sauvignon blanc

    The Sauvignon blanc, a French white wine grape, is constantly growing in popularity.
  8. Sylvaner
    RS Silvaner


    In South Tyrol, Sylvaner is grown in the Val d’Isarco, in the area around Bolzano…
  9. South Tyrolean Pinot gris
    RS Pinot Gris Session three

    South Tyrolean Pinot gris

    Pinot grigio has aromas of pears and meadow flowers and pairs particularly well…
  10. Veltliner
    RS weinberge


    Veltliner is grown in the Val d’Isarco and has aromas of flowers and herbs.
  11. Pinot blanc
    RS Pinot Blanc LB Session three

    Pinot blanc

    The South-Tyrolean regions Oltradige and Bassa Atesina have the best climatic and…
  12. Welschriesling
    RS Riesling Italico Session three


    In South Tyrol, Welschriesling is grown only on the Wine Road.
  13. Pinot noir
    RS pinot noir blauburgunder Kl Session three

    Pinot noir

    Pinot noir is a full-bodied red wine with a high tannin level.
  14. Cabernet Franc
    RS Cabernet franc Session three

    Cabernet Franc

    The red wine grape Cabernet Franc is lighter and less widespread than Cabernet Sauvignon.
  15. Cabernet Sauvignon
    RS Cabernet Sauvignon Session three

    Cabernet Sauvignon

    The South Tyrolean Wine Road provides the best conditions for growing every type of…
  16. Lagrein
    RS Lagrein Langsitiel K Session three


    Lagrein is a full-bodied South Tyrolean wine, which goes particularly well with…
  17. Merlot
    RS Merlot Kl Session three


    First mentioned in France in the 18th century, the full name of Merlot is Merlot noir.
  18. Vernatsch
    RS Vernatsch gross Session three


    Vernatsch (Schiava in Italian) is one of the most famous and typical red wines…
  19. South Tyrolean Malvasia
    RS Malvasier weiss Istriana Session three

    South Tyrolean Malvasia

    Malvasier (Malvasia in Italian) adds new colours to South Tyrolean wines.
  20. South Tyrolean Muscat Rose
    RS waalweg weinberg

    South Tyrolean Muscat Rose

    Moscato rosa is an autochthonous wine grape variety of Trentino and a very popular…

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