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  1. Guesthouse Wastl: “Summertime” 01.07.-30.07.2021

    “Summertime” 01.07.-30.07.2021

    “Summertime”: Special price stay more than 8 nights

    from  07/01/22  to  07/29/22

    8 nights from 448 € per person

  2. Hotel Christof: Pure mountain feeling

    Pure mountain feeling

    Hotel Christof
    Activ | Panorama | Gusto | Appiano - San Michele

    Experience South Tyrol’s nature up close! We take hikes together and enjoy summer in the mountains. You can then relax in the new wellness area afterwards.

    from  06/25/22  to  08/07/22

    7 nights from 889 € per person

  3. Seehotel Sparer: The call of the lake ... it's time to dive in!

    The call of the lake ... it's time to dive in!

    Seehotel Sparer
    aqua | nature | wood | Appiano - Monticolo

    Enjoy the sun and a refreshing dip, the tranquility in the middle of the natural oasis of Monticolo. When the weather is nice, we serve breakfast and dinner on the lake terrace.

    from  07/03/22  to  09/30/22

    5 nights from 600 € per person

  4. Hotel St. Justina Hof: Summer weeks

    Summer weeks

    Immergiti nei meravigliosi paesaggi balneari e nelle piscine d'avventura dei nostri romantici laghi in posizione idilliaca!

    from  07/02/22  to  07/24/22

    7 nights from 470 € per person

  5. Weinegg Wellviva Resort: Starlit hours

    Starlit hours

    Be my Valentine: It’s time for love: Relax, enjoy some couple time and create unforgettable memories together.

    from  12/31/21  to  01/23/23

    7 nights from 1660 € per person

  6. Hotel Rungghof: Romantic escape to the Rungghof

    Romantic escape to the Rungghof

    Looking for something special for your partner? Then book a romantic short stay at the Rungghof and surprise your other half!

    from  04/09/22  to  11/06/22

    2 nights from 350 € per person

  7. Hotel Rungghof: Short Stay & Gourmet

    Short Stay & Gourmet

    Enjoy the landscape and the fantastic view during the afternoon, savour a gourmet menu from our kitchen. Everything is rounded off with a relaxing night in one of our new suites and the rich breakfast

    from  04/09/22  to  11/06/22

    1 night from 205 € per person

  8. Country Inn Bad Turmbach: Weekly package in Bad Turmbach in Eppan

    Weekly package in Bad Turmbach in Eppan

    Country Inn Bad Turmbach
    Guesthouse and restaurant for gourmets | Appiano - San Michele

    Active through the vacation: cycling, mountain biking, golf & tennis; but also swimming & relaxing: in Eppan you have countless possibilities for a vacation.

    from  07/02/22  to  11/06/22

    7 nights from 500 € per person

  9. Resort Schloss Korb: Short Stay Gourmet & Wine

    Short Stay Gourmet & Wine

    Resort Schloss Korb
    Time for the unique | Appiano - Missiano

    2 nights of indescribable pleasure... Enjoy a short stay in the luxurious Resort Schloss Hotel Korb with the finest cuisine and wines from our castle cellar.

    from  04/01/22  to  11/13/22

    2 nights from 326 € per person

  10. Hotel Rungghof: A gourmet "escape"

    A gourmet "escape"

    We know this well at Rungghof; that is why we have prepared a package that will allow us to delight your palate with our delicious creations. Here in Cornaiano, surprising moments await you…

    from  04/09/22  to  11/06/22

    2 nights from 270 € per person

  11. Feltonhof: Last minute apartment

    Last minute apartment

    Our last available apartment in July - enjoy a relaxing vacation at Feltonhof! For couples, but also for families with child

    from  07/09/22  to  07/16/22

    7 nights from 350 € per person

  12. Resort Schloss Korb: Happy Days 4=3

    Happy Days 4=3

    Resort Schloss Korb
    Time for the unique | Appiano - Missiano

    Take some time for yourself ... Schloss Hotel Korb offers you one day with breakfast for free.

    from  04/03/22  to  11/10/22

    4 nights from 442 € per person

  13. Glögglhof: Breakfast on the farm

    Breakfast on the farm

    Apartments in the wine village of Cornaiano | Appiano - Cornaiano

    Breakfast with home-made products and products from the region.

    from  07/16/22  to  11/05/22

    7 nights from 490 € per person

  14. Glögglhof: Vacation on the farm

    Vacation on the farm

    Apartments in the wine village of Cornaiano | Appiano - Cornaiano

    The beauty of an old farmhouse, an enchanting inner courtyard, vast gardens, and cosy holiday apartments behind historic walls... you will simply love this estate.

    from  07/16/22  to  11/05/22

    7 nights from 375 € per person

  15. Hotel Sigmundskron: Giro delle Dolomiti 2022

    Giro delle Dolomiti 2022

    Hotel Sigmundskron
    Active holiday with amazing views | Appiano - Frangarto

    For over more than 40 years the Giro delle Dolomiti has developed itself to probably the most unique weeklong event for roadbike amateurs offering to a large international starter field ..

    from  07/24/22  to  07/31/22

    7 nights from 469 € per person

  16. Hotel Christof: Swimming fun

    Swimming fun

    Hotel Christof
    Activ | Panorama | Gusto | Appiano - San Michele

    Summer time! The does what is does the best. Make the best out of it and cool yourself down in out outdoor pool!

    from  08/06/22  to  08/28/22

    7 nights from 935 € per person

  17. Hotel Christof: Harvesting season

    Harvesting season

    Hotel Christof
    Activ | Panorama | Gusto | Appiano - San Michele

    Clear air in the morning and the wine landscape as golden as the morning sunrises. Diligent hands in the apple orchards and vineyards that harvest the result of a year's work.

    from  08/27/22  to  10/16/22

    7 nights from 944 € per person

  18. Guesthouse Wastl: “Horse riding” – Autumn 2021

    “Horse riding” – Autumn 2021

    Experts enjoy horse riding across forest, while beginners learn horse riding with professional advice. Price for stay of at least 5 overnights with breakfast: October 4 – 23, € 340.

    from  10/01/22  to  10/30/22

    5 nights from 360 € per person

  19. Resort Schloss Korb: 2 Castles to fall in love with

    2 Castles to fall in love with

    Resort Schloss Korb
    Time for the unique | Appiano - Missiano

    United passion - the wine! Romantical architecture - the castle! Unforgettable locations - the view! Enjoy Merano and the south of South Tyrol: 3 nights Schloss Hotel Korb and 3 nights Schloss Plars

    from  10/10/22  to  11/06/22

    6 nights from 651 € per person

  20. Hotel St. Justina Hof: Autumn weeks

    Autumn weeks

    When the leaves fall in autumn and the romance and sensuality of life can be felt, the Hotel St. Justinahof beckons with a special weekly offer!

    from  10/15/22  to  10/30/22

    7 nights from 510 € per person

  21. Hotel Christof: Wine & pleasure

    Wine & pleasure

    Hotel Christof
    Activ | Panorama | Gusto | Appiano - San Michele

    Autumn is a time for indulgence, at Hotel Christof too. Enjoy culinary highlights and unique wellness – let us well and truly spoil you!

    from  10/15/22  to  12/23/22

    7 nights from 770 € per person

  22. Hotel Spitaler: Golden October

    Golden October

    The golden season of autumn can offer you all kinds of special moments – in the nature, out of the kitchen … Enjoy this colourful time of the year!

    from  10/22/22  to  10/29/22

    7 nights from 864 € per person

  23. Weinegg Wellviva Resort: Summer family special offer

    Summer family special offer

    During these periods, children up to 9.9 years old stay in our hotel free of charge and we offer a 70% discount for children from 10 to 17.9 years old.

    from  10/23/22  to  10/30/22

    7 nights from 1687 € per person

  24. Hotel Spitaler: „Törggele“ week

    „Törggele“ week

    It is the end of the season and that will be celebrated properly in the Hotel Spitaler – with a glittering celebration, the traditional „Törggelen“ and lots of other surprises!

    from  11/05/22  to  11/13/22

    7 nights from 819 € per person