The laste grape load

In Cornaiano, every year the end of the harvest season is celebrated.

This ritual has got tradition. In mid October, when most of the grapes are already in the barrels, the last load of grapes is transported to the centre of the village of Cornaiano in an old farm tractor, like it used to be in ancient times.

This is where an old grape press is located, which presses the grapes to must. Also the farmers and farm-women are dressed like they used to be once upon a time. Cardigan and blue apron absolutely have to make part of the dressing. Also a so-called “Saltner“, dressed up to the nines, accompanies the parade. He used to protect the vineyards against thiefs and birds. This seasonal work was carried out by students according to strict rules.

Every year the last grape load is decorated with a new saying, which is composed by an artist of Appiano.

In addition to the sweet must, also the new wine is offered on this day, as well as roasted chestnuts and typical culinary delights of the Oltradige region.

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