Arcade festival

The Arcade Festival at Egna takes place in the scenic centre of the village in Bassa Atesina.

The Arcade Festival, also called Laubenfest, has got a long tradition in the village of Egna and every year it attracts a large number of people. The historical arcades and the Mediterranean centre of the village alone are worthwhile and a great venue for the celebration. Music and entertainment is provided by various associations of the village and there are numerous performances of folk dance groups dancing the Schuhplattler as well as various activities and adventures. for children.

Every association offers its own speciality and visitors thus profit from a wide range of treats ranging from fish to frying sausage. Beverages and sweets complete the offer.

By the way, on Friday in the morning there is a very special custom, or at least, there was. On Friday morning the organising committee takes a batch of eggs to the retirement home Griesfeld, where they ask for a successful festival and good weather. On the way to the retirement home some eggs have to be given as a present to young women. And of course, later on people start celebrations.

Suggested accommodations

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    Gasthof Hotel Terzer

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