Spring valley

A great natural phenomenon characterises the landscape between Appiano and Caldaro.

In the heart of the forest between Monticolo and lake Caldaro, there is a little valley, which goes its own way regarding its flora. The first flowers start blooming at the beginning of March, some even at the end of February. Due to the fact that the valley is located in a marshy hollow, it is protected from too heavy climatic conditions, while warm ariflows enter the valley in the south. To that effect also the heralds of springs react and soon they stick their colourful heads out of the soil.

Liverworts, primroses, spring snowflakes and cowslips transform the „Spring valley“ into a colourful sea of flowers, which attracts a large number of visitors from all over. The colour combination of the violet, white and yellow flowers with the colour of the brown leaves from last year casts a spell over the visitors.

Alder and chestnut trees dominate the forest. In spring the river, which connects the large lake Monticolo to lake Caldaro, is lined by a sea of spring snowflakes and yellow primroses, while the liverworts peek out of the soil in small violet groups. However, as the Valle della Primavera is a biotope, picking of flowers is strictly prohibited.

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