Renon Cable Car

A ride with the Renon cable car is a special experience and takes you on the local mountain of Bolzano to enjoy refreshing moments.

Some hundred years ago, the only means of transport at the Renon was a cog railway and later this railway has been replaced by a cable car. Then, in 2007, a renovation period of two years followed and today a continuously circulating three cable tramway takes you up and down the Renon. The hourly transport capacity features eight cabins, each transporting 30 people to Soprabolzano within 12 minutes only. Every four minutes!

By the way: Soprabolzano offers the last narrow-gauge railroad which is still in service and shows visitors the Renon up to Collalbo. Alternatively you can also make a ride with the Corno del Renon Cable Car from Pemmern or even further up and on foot to the Corno del Renon. Also bicycles are transported.

However, the Renon Cable Car is also perfect for holidays at the Renon, if you would like to make a day trip to Bolzano. Also commuters use the pleasant and comfortable way to reach Bolzano.

Altitude difference: 270 - 1,221 m asl
Transported people in one cabin: 30
Bicycle transport: possible
Length of the ride: 12 minutes
Single ticket: Euro 6.00

Further information:
phone 840 000 471 (info mobility)

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