Rudolf Stolz

Rudolf Stolz was a painter from Bolzano who primarily executed graphics and frescos.

Rudolf Stolz was born in May 1874 and studied at a private school directed by Walter Thor in Munich. Moreover he attended astronomy lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts.
Stolz passed the first part of his life in Bolzano and later on he spent his time at Sesto in Alta Val Pusteria. Both for him and his brothers, Defregger acted as a role model.
His major pieces of arts are the frescos at the cemetery of Sesto, which are called “Totentanz” (dance macabre). Further pieces of arts can be admired in Terlano, where he realised a stained glass picture for the church. Arcade worked in Sesto and wall paintings in a hotel of Bolzano, frescos at the facade of the church of S. Valburga in Val d’Ultimo and a fresco at the “Florianitor” town gate also come out out the artist’s fantasy.

Together with his brother Ignaz Stolz, Rudolf administered the estate of Albin Egger-Lienz, who worshiped his works. As a consequence the architect Clemens Holzmeister who placed the order to design the hotel “Drei Zinnen” that has been constructed in Sesto in the years 1929 to 1931. Today hotel guests can admire this pieces of art.

In 1940 Rudolf Stolz was awarded with the Wolfgang-Amadeus-Mozart Prize, in 1958 he was appointed honorary member of the artist association “Südtiroler Künstlerbund”.
In 1969 a museum was established for Rudolf Stolz, including two rooms for schemes, drafts and rough copies as well as aquarelles, graphics and studies of the artist. Rudolf Stolz died in 1960 in Moso/Sesto.

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