Marvelling at the legendary Iceman at the archeologic museum of Bolzano.

He’s got many names and had to wait a few thousand years until he became famous all over the world. Ötzi, how Bolzano’s most famous inhabitant is generally referred to, is actually a mummy from about 3,340 BC. His particularities: Frozen Fritz, how the English and American call him, is the most well-preserved natural mummy of his time.

It was on September 19, 1991 that the German tourists Helmut and Erika Simon found a body: Ötzi. Since then however there have been several other persons claiming that they discovered Ötzi first. Another source of debates was the fact the body was found on the border between Austria and Italy in a glacier of the Ötztal Alps (which by the way gave the body its nickname). Both countries obviously claimed to be the owners. Detailed measurings were required. The result: Ötzi lost his life at 92,55 metres from the Austrian border. Italy was thus declared the rightful owner.

In 1998 Ötzi finally found a new home: in the Archaeology Museum of Bolzano. Special cooling procedures were developed to “store” the body and still today research is done to learn more about this oh-so valuable finding.

So what about paying a visit to Bolzano’s most famous inhabitant?

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