Free University of Bolzano

Lectures at the University of Bolzano are given in three languages and not only for this reason this faculty provides international atmosphere.

More and more Bolzano opens up for the world and this attitude is also reflected in the Free University of Bolzano.
This university has been founded in October 31, 1997 and is approved as free and public university. So Bolzano as university city is still very young.

Five faculties have been established up to now:
> School of Economics and Management
> Faculty of Education
> Faculty of Computer Science
> Faculty of Design and Art
> Faculty of Science and Technology

The University of Bolzano offers a specialisation for teaching in secondary schools. This specialisation, for short SSIS, is also offered extra occupational.

What is so special about the Free University of Bolzano are the lectures that are given in three different languages. In South Tyrol German and Italian are spoken. These two languages as well as the international language English are used by lecturers.

Only the Faculty of Education offers two different sectors for German, Italian and Ladin speaking students.

Seminars, lectures, traineeships and laboratory work characterise the tutor at the university. Moreover the students spend some semesters studying abroad. Of course the students are supported by professors and tutors.

General conditions as well as the equipment are up to date and are repeatedly modernised. For this reason outstanding quality is guaranteed.

Due to the fact that the University of Bolzano is a relatively young faculty, the inhabitants are still settling in period and it is not yet a “real” student city. For beeing a real one, the appropriate pubs and adequate opening hours (for students). But your day may come, Bolzano!

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Residence Traubenheim

    Hotel Residence Traubenheim

  2. Hotel Elefant

    Hotel Elefant

  3. Bad St. Isidor

    Bad St. Isidor

  4. Hotel Post Gries

    Hotel Post Gries

  5. Pension Etschblick
    Guest house

    Pension Etschblick

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