Ice skating

Those visiting the Christmas market of Bolzano or the New Year’s Eve party in Appiano…

… might be looking for some further attractive activities on those days.

Ice skating can be done at the ice rinks of Appiano and Caldaro (Raiffeisen Arena), Ora (Rio Nero) and Egna (Würth Arena). So don’t forget to bring your ice skates along with your skis!! But in case you should forget them you might well rent them.

And by the way: When temperatures allow it and the waters are frozen, two very special “ice rinks” are waiting for you - Lake Monticolo and Lake Caldaro!!!

Enjoy yourself!

Suggested accommodations

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  2. Hotel Traubenheim

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  3. Hotel Elefant

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  4. Gasthof Hotel Terzer

    Gasthof Hotel Terzer

  5. Hotel Weingarten

    Hotel Weingarten

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