Penone is located in panoramic position above the Bassa Atesina region.

The component locality of Penone belongs to the municipality of Cortaccia and is a panoramically picturesque village at an altitude of 550 m asl. The village includes both of farms and residential buildings and is surrounded by vineyards, fruit orchards, forests and meadows.

The area of Penone is interesting for walks and hikes, such as on the Koflweg trail, taking past the Voldersberg castle of the 16th century.

The parish church of Penone is dedicated to S. Niclas and was built in the 14th century. A rarity is by the way the tabernacle of sandstone, originating in 1380, representing the oldest exemplary make of stone in South Tyrol. The view on the Bassa Atesina from Penone is astonishingly beautiful.

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