Cable cars

There are three cable cars in the surroundings of Bolzano, taking tourists and inhabitants to Renon, San Genesio and Colle.

Bolzano is located in the Alps, and for this reason it is a perfect starting point for exploring the surrounding world of mountains. Within a short time you can reach higher altitudes and fully enjoy the mountain landscape towering into the sky in front of your eyes. Funiculars are somehow magic, as they reveal the world from a very different perspective!

Moreover, cable cars are a welcome chance to hours-long drives along serpentine narrow mountain roads. Funiculars take you right into the heart of nature and mountains, where you can perfectly sit back and relax. For many people a ride in a cable car also represents an overcoming, but everyone who dares to make a ride will be amply rewarded. Colle, San Genesio and at the Renon high plateau are perfect places for relaxing and taking a deep breath.

This is where a new world opens up in front of your eyes: a world for various outdoor leisure time activities such as hiking, winter sports, as well as a simple and pleasant promenade. The three cable cars are aerial cableways, which means that those who would like to make a ride get in a cabin pending above the world.

  1. Renon Cable Car

    Renon Cable Car

    A ride with the Renon cable car is a special experience and takes you on the local…
  2. S. Genesio Cable Car

    S. Genesio Cable Car

    The San Genesio cable car makes you get around a 15-minutes’ drive on a serpentine…
  3. Colle Cable Car

    Colle Cable Car

    The “Kohlerer Bahn” or “funivia del Colle” Cable Car is moving betrween the city of…
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