Regenstein is located along the Wine Route between Niclara and Magré.

The Regenstein („Stein“ means rock in German) refers to a rocky knoll, dripping of water and surrounded by formations of tuff and calc-sinter. Tuff and calc-sinter are deposits of minerals that are contained in the water.

There are fascinating legends ranking around this rock. The water is for instance considered to be of the tears of an owner of this castle, who has lost his daughter. A witch was envious of the beauty of this girl and bewitched her in an unobserved moment. When her father returned, the witch led him into her grotto, where she captured him. Every hundred years the princess, in the shape of a white snake, was allowed to appear to him. In her mouth, she had a golden key. When she succeeded in putting this key into someone’s mouth, she was released.

Once upon a time a so-called “Saltner“of Niclara was considered to have met a white woman who explained to him the process of the release. The next day he met the white snake, but he found it disgusting and decapitated it. Immediately the animal disappeared, the princess could be heard crying loudly. Again she was enclosed for hundred years in the ancient walls.

Also a treasure was kept in the castle, which is also considered to have appeared. The old Lochmüller has once seen a vat full of teeth who was guarded by a dog with fiery eyes. The Lochmüller was afraid and took some teeth in order to bring them to his wife, who had only some teeth left in her mouth. At home he wanted to show his wife the teeth, but it was pure gold he held in his hands. The same story has happened to a farm labourer.

The Regenstein stone is located directly at the Wine Route and is particularly impressive in winter, as the dripping wet rock forms great icicles.

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