missian blick gantkofel
missian blick gantkofel

Mendola mountain ridge

The Mendola mountain ridge is located on the west side of the Oltradige and the Bassa Atesina.

The Mendola mountain ridge is about 35 km long and comprises several peaks, some of which are also reknown such as the Roen and the Penegal. The Mendola mountain ridge is part of the Val di Non mountains, that is to say of the Southern Limestone Alps. It stretches from the Passo Palade to the area in the west of Salorno with some lower peaks, while its highest point is called Roen. It devides the provinces of Bolzano (South Tyrol) and Trento and merely also the German and Italian speaking areas.

The Mendola mountain ridge is covered by copper beeches and Scots pines, that is to say mixed forests. From 100 m asl, the forests are mainly firs, while in Val di Non there are mainly larch trees. One of the main characteristics of this mountain ridge is its steep face eastbound, while in the west its decline is rather soft.

The name “Mendola” appears already in a document dating back to the 15th century. Its meaning is not clear, the term could derive from the Roman language, meaning “land that is not cultivated and used as pastureland”, or from the Old High German term “mendi”, meaning joy or delight.

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  1. Bergner Kreuz
    Bergner Kreuz

    Bergner Kreuz

    The so-called Bergner Kreuz (1,770 m asl) is another summit close to the Monte…
  2. Monte Favogna
    kurtinig mit fennberg

    Monte Favogna

    The Monte Favogna (1,163 m asl) is the local mountain of the inhabitants of Magré…
  3. Monte Macaion
    mendel gantkofel

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    The summit of the Monte Macaion is located above Appiano and represents the…
  4. Goellerspitz
    mendel romeno alm blumenwiese


    The Goellerspitz is located close to the Paterkopf between the Roen and the Passo…
  5. Piccolo Penegal
    kleiner Penegal von Kaltern RD

    Piccolo Penegal

    The Little Penegal (1,690 m asl), is an alpine viewpoint located close to the Monte…
  6. Lavinaspitz
    mendel ausblick von monte lira auf unterland


    The viewpoint called Lavinaspitz is located between the Passo della Mendola and the Roen.
  7. Passo della Mendola
    unterrain mendel

    Passo della Mendola

    The Mendola is the local mountain of Appiano and Caldaro and is a popular…
  8. Paterkopf
    wandersteig kaltern mendel roen teilabschnitt


    The Paterkopf mountain is located above Caldaro on the road to the Rif. Oltradige…
  9. Penegal
    mendel penegal


    The Penegal (1,737 m asl) can be reached on foot from Passo della Mendola.
  10. Roen
    monte roen felsen oberhalb ueberetscher huette


    The Roen (2,116 m slm) is the highest peak of the Mendola mountain ridge and the…
  11. Testa Nera
    mendel alpenrosen blick richtung suedtirol dolomiten

    Testa Nera

    In the south of the Oltradige mountain hut, there is another viewpoint, called…
  12. Corno di Tres
    tresner horn mendel

    Corno di Tres

    The Corno di Trens (1,817 m asl) is located above Favogna, a component locality of…

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