Mercantile Museum

Bolzano Mercantile Museum provides information about flourishing economy of the city in times when Bolzano was commercial centre between north and south.

Central Europe and Italy… and right in the middle Bolzano. Already a long time ago, due to its central geographic position, Bolzano was famous as commercial city between north and south. Bolzano was a fair city and was considered to be a reloading point as well as a small but mighty trade city at the Alpine crossing.

The Mercantile Museum is located in the Mercantile Building, the former commercial tribunal, in Via Portici. The building technique only testifies the golden epoch of world trade. In fact, this epoch has also brought wealth to Bolzano. The building was constructed in early 18th century in Baroque construction style by Francesco Perotti from Verona.

Today a visit of this museum in the former Mercantile Palace is a mixture of information about the history of economy and explanations about the stately rooms characterised by arts and original furniture. More then 50 pictures of important masters hang on the walls of the building. The centre is the “room of honour”, in which a visit of the museum terminates. Once upon a time this room belonged to the commercial court and it still reflects the atmosphere of ancient times and actions that were taken in this room.

Opening hours:
Mondays - Saturdays from 10 - 12.30 am

Further information:
phone +39 0471 945702 / 0471 945637

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