Bolzano and the wine

Bacchus Urbanus - the initiative of the city of Bolzano focuses on the juice of the grape.

The S. Maddalena wine and the Lagrein are the main wines that are cultivated and produces in the city of Bolzano. Featuring a wine growing area of 510 hectares, the capital of Bolzano is in second place and organises numerous initiatives, called “Bacchus Urbanus”, aimed at bringing the topic of wines nearer to the people. Already in antiquity Bolzano was known for its excellent wines. A range of initiatives like the “Day of the open cellars”, the “Kirchtag of S. Maddalena” or the so called Lorenzi night on August, 10 are evidence of how important wine is in this area.

“Bacchus Urbanus” is a further initiative, which includes guided tours across wine-growing areas of the above mentioned wines in May and October, commented wine tastings and visits to cellars.

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