Winter forest at Palais Campofranco

An inner courtyard has got an important role to play in Christmas time. This Winter Forests makes Advent even more romantic.

There will not be the “Winter forest” in 2017!
The so called Palais Campofranco is located close to Piazza Walther and is a great construction of the aristocratic family Kuenburg from Caldaro. It is an attractive inner courtyard which in Advent time is solemnly decorated and reminds on oncoming Christmas.

This is where, like everywhere, charity events are taking place. It is one of the main meeting places in Advent time and the atmosphere of Campofranco is really unique and unforgettable. Of course in this place you can also find several ideas regarding Christmas presents and culinary delicacies. And if snowflakes are falling from the sky, the atmosphere is more than fairytale-like!

Suggested accommodations

  1. Tröpfltalhof


  2. Hotel Weingarten

    Hotel Weingarten

  3. Bad St. Isidor

    Bad St. Isidor

  4. Hotel Post Gries

    Hotel Post Gries

  5. Hotel Sigmundskron

    Hotel Sigmundskron

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