Residence Aichberg

Aichberg residence is located on the road to Appiano/Monte above San Michele.

In 1570 Nikolaus Leyes married the oldest daughter of David Lanser. The farm that originally stood in this place belonged to him. The son of this marriage had the building renewed in 1595. The Oltradige construction style, which has been integrated in noble constructions, was also prominent in this case. On August 20, 1613, Nikolaus Leys was ennobled and choose the name Paschbach. Later on the name Aichberg was added to his name.

In 1625 the neighbour of residence Paschbach, Valentin Chritof von Aichner took over the farm. In 1632 he got the right to rename himself according to his new residence, “Aichner von Paschbach zu Aichberg”. When in 1776 Adam von Wenser took over the castle, in 1860 it passed on the Johann Klotz. In 1870, Josef von Zastrow had the castle renewed, he is responsible of the appearance of today. Later on also Franz Tausend owned the castle for a certain period of time. After this repeated change of hands, Castel Aichberg was and is still inhabited by the families Khuen von Belasi.

In 2001 they had the residence renewed and all historical elements been reconstructed, shining now in new splendour. Terrazzo floor, round arched windows, stone framing of the rectangular windows, a fresco of Peter Fellini at the entrance area and ancient paintings in the chapel are the treasures drowsing in the residence.

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