Castel Wolfsthurn

The Lords of Andriano had the little castle complex of Castel Wolfsthurn built on a prehistoric rampart.

Castel Wolfsthurn is located slightly above Andriano, rising at an altitude of 285 m asl in the heart of a chestnut forest.

In 1280 the Lords of Andriano had this castle built on the remnants of an ancient rampart. Generally speaking, this buildings consisted of a donjon that was surrounded by a circular wall. A simple resident building with garden and a building for farming was added in the 16th century. The southern entrance gate was completed with a little tower with arrow slits and crenels. Also the wall was raised in this perod of time. In the course of the time, Castel Wolfsthurn started deteriorating, only in the 19th century it was renovated.

In 1430 the castle changed hands, now the so-called “Wölfe“ from Mareit started reigning this castle. In fact, this family was also name-giving for the castle, called Castel Wolfsthurn. Today the baron Kripp is responsible for this castle complex. Restored in 1997, today it is the residence of his family. A biologic farmer revives the interior of this Medieval castle.

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