Castel Sallegg

At Villa di Mezzo, also in the middle of Caldaro, there is a beautiful castle called Sallegg.

Castel Sallegg is is surrounded by the constructions of Caldaro and is a jewel, particularly for Villa di Mezzo. It has been constructed in the 16th century and was residence of the Lords of Sall. Later on this building repeatedly changed hands until in 1600 the Lord of Zill inhabited the castle. The Sepp family purchased Sallegg in 1622.

Back to Castel Sallegg: around 1800 the Unterrichter family took over the building and lived in the castle until 1851. Later on they sold it to archduke Rainer von Österreich who was vice king in Lombardy-Venetia. His granddaughter I.D. Maria Raineria Lucchesi Palli, who was also princess of Campofranco, had the castle rebuilt in the years 1900 to 1902. The architect Anton Weber from Vienna put his ability to the test. Above all the southern part has been enlarged.
Today the castle is inhabited by the Earls of Kuhenburg who came into inheritance of the castle. This family still inhabits the castle and specialised in the production of good wines.

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